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Ultra Pro Regular Toploader/Soft Sleeve Combo 100ct

Ultra Pro Regular Toploader/Soft Sleeve Combo 100ct

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Protect your valuable collectible trading cards with the original Ultra PRO Toploaders and soft sleeves! This bundle combines both Toploaders and sleeves together in one convenient package to make your collecting hobby a breeze.

Ultra PRO's Toploaders are rigid plastic protectors made with super clear PVC to keep your cards safe for storage, display, during trade, and in shipments. With outer dimensions of 3" x 4", these Toploaders are designed to safely store standard size cards (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") up to 35 points in thickness.

Ultra PRO's clear soft sleeves are made with non-PVC, archival safe, and acid-free polypropylene film. These sleeves minimize surface scratches and damage to your cards during storage, display, or, for gaming cards, during gameplay. For the best protection of your cards, combine with Ultra PRO Toploaders to achieve acid-free inner layer protection with rigid structural integrity in the outer layer.

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