About Us

Welcome to Gamers Getaway KC!

The shop made possible by the local gaming community, for the local gaming community.

It all started in 2020, when the pandemic brought many new people into the hobby and a small group of us in the KC area were unable to find product to open. The industry clearly was not ready for such a surge in demand as the supply of popular products was quickly cleared off of shelves, many times by people who had no interest in the hobby. New products were being resold for double, even triple MSRP online within the same week the product launched. Lines formed in front of retailers, people waited for hours in hopes of being able to get their hands on the latest products without having to pay a reseller double the price. Purchase limits were placed on products, fights broke out, law enforcement was called. There had to be another way.

The research began; how to avoid the craziness and get product into the hands of the community without having to pay inflated prices? Research led to the creation of our online retail business, gaining access to one of Pokemon's Wholesale Distributors, which allowed us to get product to our little group at or below retail prices! Our small group slowly grew, as we met more and more people in the area who were struggling to find and afford cards to open for themselves and their kids. The small amount of product our distributor allocated our new business was quickly spoken for, leaving several members of our new group still unable to get some of the new products when they released.

This brings us to the present day. We have taken a huge leap of faith and found a small brick and mortar retail location that was reasonably priced to rent. It's nothing fancy, but we hope that we will be able to get our hands on more product and continue to take care of all of you, while giving everyone a little place where you can come sit down and share the excitement over your latest pulls or the newest set, play your favorite game, trade with fellow members of the gaming community, and simply relax and getaway from the craziness life sometimes brings our way...